Not sleeping: fat or lose weight?

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7683389-hombre-guapo-dormido-en-su-camaHow thin sleeping

What do you think? Not sleeping: fat or lose weight? The truth is that both statements may be valid. That is, there are studies that guarantee.

However, it could not ensure that sleep much fat nor slim little sleep. Like everything, sleeping for adelgazartiene tricky. So before going to sleep, learn how to lose weight sleeping. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz …

Sleep is as necessary as eating. There’s no doubt. But … how much sleep? This varies with each agency, some people need much sleep and other work well with less sleep. Babies and young children need to sleep more than 12 hours and as the years pass, the elderly may sleep too little, even less than 6 hours.

In this first observation, we can already draw a first approximation, why babies need more sleep and the elderly less? Simply because the metabolism of babies have many more activities to perform during sleep than older people. As you grow older, your metabolism slows down, so it is not necessary to sleep much. In this sense, the dream function as a food devoid of calories. : D

How to calculate calories burned while sleeping

Far from contributing calories, sleep like any other activity burns calories. But … how do you calculate the calories consumed during sleep? The formula is:

Calories consumed during sleep = X 0.015 X your weight in kg while asleep in minutes.

For example, a person weighing 70 kilos consumed in 8 hours of sleep (480 minutes), 0.015 X 70 X 480 = 504 calories, or roughly 63 calories per hour of sleep.

However, this does not mean that sleep thin. A study by Kenneth Wright of the University of Colorado, US, says that if we spent a sleepless night consume as many calories as if we had walked three kilometers away.

Moreover, the results of several investigations indicate that sleep not fattening, because the levels of leptin and ghrelin, hormones related to satiety control is altered. Hence, the extra calories burned by staying awake all night, you can easily recover, with increased appetite that will produce the lack of leptin and ghrelin excess. So much so, it is very likely, you end up raiding the refrigerator. 😉

So if you want to lose weight I sleep, do it! Remember that sleep is key to tackling obesity.

Why poor sleep gain weight?

Sometimes you diet and do not work, and you wonder why. One of the factors that can influence overweight is lack of rest. According to several studies sleep it helps you lose weight because it would increase metabolism and reduce appetite.

When for some reason you sleep badly, there are high chances that overweight occurs. This is established in different scientific studies have found a direct relationship between these two situations.

Apparently, the dream would be closely linked to the successful process of thinning. Circadian rhythms (biological rhythms related to the vital functions performed during the day and night) would be affected when it is not correctly positioned.

Rest it is necessary to face the daily activities. Sleep is restful. When this is altered, associated with appetite and satiety mechanisms are also altered, which is why there is a direct link between lack of sleep and overweight.

As required by various investigations, when you sleep poorly or alter the sleep weight gain occurs through two mechanisms.

Leptin production is reduced, a hormone that stimulates the satiety center.
In turn, ghrelin levels is increased, the hormone that stimulates the appetite.
These mechanisms of action are associated with increased consumption of carbohydrates and hence, increased accumulation of body fat.

According to these studies, sleeping only five hours or less represents 50% more likely to be overweight or obese.

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Tips for rest and lose weight

To retrieve the circadian cycle and normalize hormone production, it is important to recover the sleep. For this test with these tips.

Go to bed no later than 23 pm.
If you can not sleep, do not be distracted by the TV or the computer.
Make a boring activity, read something that is not to your liking, the dream will surely slowly emerging.
Avoid excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol.

Avoid cigarette.
Avoid consumption of tranquillizers or sleeping pills can cause habituation, producing the opposite effect.

Keep in mind the relationship between lack of sleep and overweight. A good rest stays healthy body and mind, in addition to maintaining a healthy weight.

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