Oligofructose to increase satiety and weight loss

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Want to lose a few kilos but continue eating well? Then you’ll love to know the benefits it can give you the oligofructose. Discover concerned and as you can consume reading this article.

Benefits of oligofructose diet
Different ways of consuming oligofructose
When seeking to maintain weight or lose a few kilos, but taking care to have a nutritious and balanced diet, which is commonly thought in the best position to do so foods are. Is it your case?

To do this, nothing beats you increase consumption of foods rich in fiber, which also nourish you provide several health benefits. In the case of oligofructose, a type of dietary fiber that is present naturally in some vegetables and fruits, but is also available as a nutritional supplement. But how it can help you lose those extra kilos that annoy you? Read on and find out.

Benefits of oligofructose diet

Its main benefits for weight loss include:

It increases the feeling of satiety.
Reduces hunger.
It reduces the need for calorie intake.
These conclusions came a group of researchers conducted a study in 2006, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which found that the oligofructose promotes satiety and helps reduce the intake of foods rich in carbohydrates.

The research was carried out for two weeks, where he volunteers consumed 8 grams of oligofructose twice daily. It was found that the oligofructose led to increased satiety at breakfast and at dinner. In addition, significantly it reduced the need to consume more food at breakfast and lunch.

For these reasons, researchers have deduced that oligofructose supplements may help people who are overweight or want to maintain your weight. But this is not the only scientific evidence that is appropriate, but already in a study published in 1999 in the same newspaper announced the FOS was a product that could be used to fortify foods and make them more fiber .

Do you love oligofructose incorporate into your daily diet but do not know how? Do not worry and look at the following tips.

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Different ways of consuming oligofructose

1. Through food

Like I said earlier, this fiber is naturally present in various vegetables and plants, for example:

The onions
The bananas
Chicory root
The wheat
The agave
Even today you can find on the market, different foods fortified with this fiber:

Frozen desserts
Dairy products
2. In supplements

You also have the option of consuming oligofructose as a dietary supplement, filed in:

There are no major side effects reported consumption, only supplementation can cause gas and bloating mild, especially when it begins to consume.

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