Portion control diet

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46903674-rojo-sopa-de-frijoles-tortilla-chipotle-sobre-un-fondo-de-madera-oscura-viraje-enfoque-selectivoLose Weight Without Starving

Several aspects are important in a weight loss, such as the quantity and quality of food. These complement each other to achieve the ultimate goal, lose weight. This time I will focus on portion control diet, without hunger.

The food choices you make to your diet to lose weight is critical because it will not only allow you to lose weight, but it will help you improve your quality of life. However, it is also important portion control, since not only allow you to control what you consume daily, but those foods that pose a temptation for you.

Losing weight without hunger is possible and this can be achieved through a balanced and harmonious diet that provides a caloric value a little lower than you need, but not too small. If you reduce from 10% to 20% of daily caloric value and that you add physical activity, you have great chances of losing weight healthfully, without starving.

This reduction in calories, you can do controlling portions. To do this, you just need to have on hand a number of items you have in your kitchen, and you will serve as equivalents for measuring the right portions, such as cups, spoons, cups or dishes.

As the history of man evolved the diet was changed, unfortunately for the worse. Today the supply of foods rich in fats and sugars is great, and the food portions have increased.

One of the premises of balanced diets to lose weight is to eat small amounts, many times a day. This habit has many benefits over eating much, once or twice a day. One of them relates to the adaptation that has the body from lack of food intake for many hours. This adaptation occurs to stop burning fat, and “reserve” as a source of energy.

However if you eat 6 times a day but control your portions, your metabolism speeds up and burn fat faster. Fast diets are tempting for the promises they provide but your body does not understand it, and the reality is that is best suited to diets slow, but effective.

Diets in which control portions, you can indulge in eating one serving of that food that you like, but is not as allowed in your diet treatment.

Therefore, when dieting, it is important that reflections and think that if you take calmly the realization of the diet, controlling portions, the results will be a bit slower, but will be more and better.

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