Properties flaxseed for slimming

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414793-semilla-de-lino-es-tambi-n-conocida-como-semillas-de-lino-aceite-de-linaza-contiene-cido-alfa-linol-Benefits of flaxseed to lose weight

Many are the seeds that can consume, but one in particular that is very beneficial for weight loss. So I will present the properties of flaxseed diet. The benefits of flaxseed to lose weight, will help you get better results from your diet.

Flaxseed is nothing other than flaxseed. That is, it is a cereal that can be very useful when making a diet to lose weight.

Flax seeds are composed of fatty acids such as omega 3, which is extremely beneficial to the body. This can be a very good option to incorporate into a single seed, beneficial fatty acids and a high amount of fiber.

What are the benefits of flaxseed to lose weight?

Satiating. Because of its high fiber content, and absorb a lot of water, quickly give the feeling of fullness. So much volume there are few calories.
Diuretic. The fatty acids are forming flaxseed help the kidneys excrete excess fluids and toxins through the urine.
Cleansing. Because of its high fiber content achieved in the intestine, drag all waste that the body does not need, also helping to prevent constipation.
In addition to these benefits for weight loss, flaxseed also helps:

Lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, due to its high fiber content and quality of their fat content.

Control diabetes, its high fiber content, which delays the utilization of glucose by cells.

Regulate blood pressure, for its high content of prostaglandins and their omega-3 content.
Manage stress.
Antioxidant due to its high content of vitamin E.
You see, there are many benefits of flaxseed to lose weight, as well as to treat other diseases. This video shows you how flaxseed helps you lose weight.

How to consume flaxseed

You can get all their properties in different ways.

Flaxseed themselves. To these you must grind to the beginning, to bowel tolerance test and after a whole week to add different preparations, like yogurt, soup, broth, diet pizza, or whatever comes to mind.
Oil. You can get flaxseed oil or flax, this use it to spice up your preparations.

Flax or linseed meal. You can use it to make all the preparations you want.

Flax oil capsules. The mode can take a dietary supplement.
In short, as you will see in the following video, ways of consuming flaxseed you will not miss.

What are the contraindications?

This seed consumption contraindicated in the following cases:

Irritable bowel diarrhea stage, but are very useful if you are on stage constipation.
Diverticulitis, if this is the case consumes oil and flour, because the seeds will irritate you more.

Pregnancy and lactation
Allergic reactions to flax
Medication use, because it can intervene in their proper absorption.


Be careful and make a progression to see how your body reacts to whole seeds, remember muélelas and add them to the preparation you want. Then if you tolerate well you can eat them whole.
If in doubt ask your doctor.

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