Properties of the radish to lose weight

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26294584-r-banoRadish, a low-calorie food

While there are different types of radishes, they share the characteristic of being a low calorie food. This vegetable besides being hypocaloric, also presents other properties for slimming, which you will find in detail in this note.

The radish, vegetable origin of China and Egypt, is a crucible of which there is a great variety. There is black radish, radish and Chinese radish among others. Although each one has its peculiarities, all share the properties to lose weight, thanks to the active principles they contain; As well as their low caloric value.

On average radishes contribute 16 calories / 100 gr, a caloric figure that makes it a food that you can eat in greater quantity, without fear of gaining weight. Notwithstanding this benefit, radish has other properties that complement its low calorie content.

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Within the properties of radish for slimming, it is important to mention:

Its high content of potassium, which makes it a natural diuretic, which can be very useful to reduce a few extra kilos, because of fluid retention, as well as control blood pressure (a risk factor that many Is linked to overweight).
Another of the benefits of radish for weight loss relates to its content in iodine, a mineral that stimulates fat metabolism and the combustion of adipose tissue, reducing it naturally.
In addition, the radish has fiber that not only helps you to purify the body, but also reduces your appetite.
For all these reasons, radish can incorporate it into your daily diet, through different preparations such as salads, soups, puddings, pies and because not beaten or liquefied.

Do not miss the goodness of the radish. If you want to lose weight, incorporate it into your meals.

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