Remedy cumin and mint slimming

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A perfect infusion to deflate the belly

If you set out to lose weight, I will say that cumin and mint are two floors that can help you lose weight for different reasons. For that matter, it is that you can combine with other herbs in a home remedy for weight loss, perfect to have on hand and drink during the day. Find out!

Yes, as you read, cumin and mint, but also coriander and chamomile. What do these special herbs to help you lose weight?

Cumin, no doubt, has always been relegated to being a condiment used in certain cases, as it has a very strong flavor and just does not gel well with any kind of food. But it is also true that its functions extend well beyond this, because it has great properties for a lot of health.

One of the ways you can use is through a simple home remedy such as that proposed in the article. It is a combination of cumin and mint, among other things, as it also includes coriander and Manzanilla that is can be very helpful as a digestive, diuretic and as burning fat. Are you going to stop trying?

Preparation remedy cumin and mint


A liter of water
One tablespoon of ground cumin seeds
One tablespoon of ground coriander seeds
One tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers
A good sprig of mint or spearmint

Put the cumin seeds and coriander in a mortar and muélelas, though not completely.
Put them to boil a liter of water for about five minutes.
Turn off heat, incorporates branch chamomile and peppermint or spearmint and then cover the pan.
Let stand about ten minutes or so, before casting full preparation.
Already have ready this remedy cumin, mint, coriander and chamomile to lose weight.

How to take this remedy to seize their property?

When eating, to take digestive, diuretic and fat burning properties of this drug, it is best to do it throughout the day.
Drink about three cups, about one in fasting, the second in the afternoon and the last to leave before going to sleep.
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Slimming effects of this remedy

On the one hand, it stimulates urine output, which prevents you retain fluids.
It also eliminates the possibility of product gases swelling stomach, feces or simply swollen belly, flatulence annoying preservándote that interfere with your digestion.
It also has fat burning potential.
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Properties cumin and mint slimming

This herb not only stimulates metabolism, but also helps reduce bloating. This is possible because it has digestive properties, which help prevent gases.

Read more about the benefits of cumin to here: Properties slimming cumin

The mint plant, especially when consumed in tea prepared stimulates gallbladder and digestive metabolism in general. Because of this, it helps remove fats more easily and quickly.

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