Rolled ham and spinach light

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18758053-loncha-de-jam-nLight, rich in fiber and protein preparation

When wanting to lose nothing better than to prepare creative and tasty recipes, but light weight. How? Easy, you just need imagination and a few ingredients that you can have on hand at any time. What recipe I’m talking about? Of rolled ham and spinach light a light preparation, rich in fiber and protein.

Cooking is one of the most important in a diet to lose weight processes. There is no point knowing when, how and what to eat but you know what to cook with them. Therefore, this time I will offer you an easy, simple recipe but very tasty and light.

You can even develop these arrolladitos and store them in the freezer for when you need them and not have to eat or do not know what to prepare.

Arrolladitos ham and spinach

Serves 4 people.


8 slices of ham or organic ham.
8 slices of cheese machine.
½ package of frozen spinach.
150 gr. Ricotta.
1 egg.
40 gr. 0% of fat spreadable cheese.
1 teaspoon nutmeg.
80 gr. light white sauce.
100 gr. light tomato sauce.
5 tablespoons grated cheese.

First, pre you heat the oven, then add in a container or bowl, cheese spread with half the white sauce light, 3 tablespoons grated cheese, salt and pepper to taste, pour this mixture into a baking dish .

Meanwhile, in another bowl add the spinach, ricotta, nutmeg, egg and 3 tablespoons of white sauce, 2 tablespoons grated cheese. Mix well and salt & pepper to taste.

On a fountain or kitchen table extends the slices of ham and she adds a slice of cheese machine. After that, place a teaspoon or tablespoon and a half of the filling and roll up.

When you’ve finished with it, placed on the sauce you have previously placed in the baking dish. Once this is done, pour the rest of the white sauce over the wound and carries a medium oven for about 10 to 15 minutes.
Then place the arrolladitos on a plate, add hot tomato sauce.

These arrolladitos can accompany with a portion of meat, skinless chicken or fish or you can eat with a salad of greens and shredded carrots.

This recipe is low in calories differently and to prepare the famous cannelloni, which also provides fiber and protein (two active compounds that help you lose weight). As I said before you can prepare them in advance and place in the freezer to eat when you need.

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