Rosemary tea slimming

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Preparing the infusion of rosemary to harness their properties to lose weight

Did you know that the rosemary plant through its infusion may be used for therapeutic purposes? Well it is, and most interesting is that within these medicinal uses highlights its slimming properties. However, keep in mind that weight loss is necessary to make a low calorie diet, which can complement and enhance drinking an infusion like tea of ​​rosemary.

The rosemary plant is an herb that normally use to spice and flavor your meals. Undoubtedly, their properties stand in the kitchen and sure, you’ll have as irreplaceable in more than one dish. This herb however, has other important benefits, which act in the body, for example, to help you lose weight.

34923509-hojas-de-t-secasHow? Well, very simple: you can get its slimming effects, usually consuming, its infusion or tea.

How does the rosemary tea to help you lose weight?

Rosemary tea allows you to lose weight through different mechanisms:

Improving your gastric and intestinal metabolism because it helps digestion. Good digestion is essential for weight loss. Thus, you’ll take nutrients from your diet, eliminating all waste that your body does not need and keep you stay in shape. You avoid the other hand, the annoying flatulence, as uncomfortable and unpleasant.
Reducing your nervousness and your anxiety, since it acts as a relaxant. You know that anxiety often betrays you when you’re on a diet, so this additional effect is not at all secondary, as it will be helpful to avoid the dreaded binge. Rosemary also bring you this valuable benefit.

Rosemary infusion recipe for weight loss


a teaspoon of herb rosemary.
a cup of boiling water.

Heat the water until it reaches the boiling point.
It includes herb rosemary.
Let stand for at least ten minutes.
Strain and drink.
Tip: You can drink three cups of rosemary tea per day.

Remember rosemary tea, like other teas, it’s helpful to supplement the diet treatment, provided they take to implement a low-calorie diet and daily exercise.

Thus, the rosemary tea will help cleanse the body and lose weight faster. Without discounting on the other hand, it will make you feel more calm and relaxed, which will prevent that you throw on the food. 😉

Moreover, if you do not get rosemary in your area, you can grow it in your own home, from their seeds.

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