Rue Properties slimming

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Do not miss this good luck plant

Rue is an aromatic plant that provides benefits for weight loss, based on certain nutritional compounds. If you want to know more about this herb, considered with “magical” powers within the esoteric, do not miss reading this note.

In plants with slimming properties, you can mention the rough. This medicinal herb provides benefits to lose weight from certain active compounds such as terpenes. A tough plant is known under the scientific name of Ruta graveolens. In this note I will provide you information about the herb and its virtues. Do not miss the great qualities you provide in this struggle to be fit!

Chemical composition of the plant rough

Essential oils: mood, caprylic and salicylic.
Terpenes: limonene, pinene and cíñelo.
3391831-rue-de-hierbas-y-flores-de-plantasAlkaloids: Arborinina, graveolina, dictamnina, cytosine, etc.
Vitamin C.
Rue Properties slimming

Rue contains terpenes such as limonene. This acts on the kidney to stimulate diuresis. This reduces fluid retention.
It has an antioxidant action, stimulating the release of fatty acids from adipose tissue for combustion in the cell.
Moreover, also it assists with the removal of body fat. According to a 1999 study, collaborate to inhibit the absorption of fat in mice, so it is assumed that this could be extended to humans, although this is not proven, much less.
In turn, it is considered a good plant to help lower blood glucose levels, working with type II diabetes, closely linked to obesity. For this reason it is also often placed in this category.
From these properties, the rough provides benefits to lose weight through your tea or infusion.

It is important to note that besides drinking tea rough should make a diet to lose weight. It can be consumed in the form of infusion, but also taken in pill form. As a matter of color, it is good for the plant considered lucky.


Rue stimulates uterine contraction, thus is contraindicated in pregnant women.
Remember it is very important to see a doctor before taking this or any other tea. While it can be a good help in losing weight, not lose sight of that is just a collaboration to a deeper diet, balanced diet, exercise and other issues that will help you be in much shape more quickly.

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