Sad movies make you mourn and fat

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A good reason to choose a comedy

Did you know that look dramatic films can make you mourn and over gain weight? For so it has given an investigation. One more reason to choose a good comedy.

The good dramatic films can make you dive into the subject very intensely, they are very good to hang out and mourn a little. However they would not be a good combination with diets, as they may make you eat between 28% and 55% more than normal. So says a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

12443631-pareja-y-otras-personas-probablemente-sus-amigos-en-el-cine-viendo-una-pel-cula-sino-que-parece-ser-This research was conducted in the laboratory and in a cinema during the Thanksgiving holiday and food was nothing more and nothing less than the beloved popcorn. Fans watched two films in the lab: Love Story, which tells a tragic and Sweet Home Alabama, a comedy history.

During the sad movie they ate 125 grams of popcorn, while during the other 98 grams per person. While cinema popcorn packets discarded in seven cities in the United States were collected, the results were similar: while watching a sad story as the Solaris ate 127 grams of popcorn, while for My Big Fat Greek Wedding were 82 grams per person .

But not all bad news, it seems that this “power” movies that have not discriminate food and can be a good choice to have healthy choices at hand, such as fruits and vegetables, to prevent weight gain as popcorn.

 The dramas are not the only ones that cause this effect, the researchers action films cause something similar, people seem to eat the accelerated pace of the film.

This effect also works in your home, being in front of the TV watching any kind of program, you can log in to eat more. One trick to avoid this is to have food in the kitchen and not against you, bringing small portions.


Willpower also plays a special role if you have the food away and not many will probably not eat much.

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