Senna tea for weight loss

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Cleansing properties of senna

Still you have not tried? The cleansing properties of senna leaves, grass make this an ideal plant to detoxify your body. The senna tea for weight loss is a good complement to incorporate into your diet low in calories, which will help you lose weight progressively. If you are interested in the natural, senna infusion test and lose kilos.

A variant: senna tea and fenugreek
Contraindications and adverse effects of senna tea
Did you know that the senna leaves are used in Europe since the eleventh century? Well it is. This herb has cleansing properties that will help detoxify your body naturally. You can include your infusion on a diet like medicinal plants, thanks to its many properties to achieve slimming benefits.

9219148-vainas-de-senna-en-un-mont-n-sobre-fondo-blancoCleansing properties of senna

Drinking tea is senna laxative effects because it stimulates peristalsis, thanks to some of its components as mucilage. Its flavonoids are also beneficial, active derivatives sennosides.
Furthermore, these infusions improve muscle tone of the urinary tract, so thus it stimulates diuresis and prevents fluid retention
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How to prepare a tea with senna?


A tablespoon senna (note that is very powerful, so do not overdo that amount).
A liter of water

Boil water
When it reaches boiling point, add the senna leaves and simmer for 5 minutes.
Let stand a few minutes.
Strain and drink throughout the day.

How to take senna tea?

Begin had two cups of leaves signal day.
Sometimes this dose is enough to achieve its cleansing effect, if it were not so you can add a cup.
Remember it is very important to respect the amounts, do not overdo it, otherwise you can producirte intestinal cramps and intestinal irritation.

How does the senna tea?

The cleansing properties of senna leaves are put on show at 6 hours, that you’ve consumed.
The main advantage that has consumption senna leaf tea is you do not cause constipation subsequent rebound effect.
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A variant: senna tea and fenugreek

If you want to enhance the cleaning effect of senna leaves, you can combine with fenugreek tea or infusion. This herb acts as a natural diuretic, because it helps you to reduce excess fluids. It also improves the functioning of the metabolism, both liver and digestive.

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Contraindications and adverse effects of senna tea

The senna tea consumption should be avoided in children, pregnant women, people with kidney and heart failure, among other cases.

In any case, remember that is very important:

Take two liters of water per day to replace lost fluids, in the event that your stools were liquid.
Consult your physician with any questions.

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