Simple tricks to save 500 calories

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Tips to avoid eating more calories

You walk pointing slightly reduce the amount of calories you consume per day? Well, then it’s time you read this notice to avoid some 500 that are not absolutely necessary.

Losing weight can sometimes seem impossible task and although in some cases you should change your diet radically, usually what you do is only slightly reduce the amount of calories you eat per day. While necessary to incorporate healthier and less fatty foods, you can give your taste, especially when there are not many kilos which you must lose. There are some tricks that can help, without neglecting what you like and reducing calories at the same time. Small changes can bring great results.

Reduce portions

10537793-los-pies-de-una-mujer-de-pie-en-las-escalasSometimes having some extra pounds is related to eating large portions. First it is important to know to calculate the amount of food and second, but not least: resize your plate. With this you “autoengañas”, the dish will be filled, but with far fewer calories. Depending on the food you choose you can cut 500 calories or more.

Choose well

A pizza can be very tempting, and not because you remove it from your diet. While it is not a dish for every day, when you know it’s like choose a thin pizza with cheese and vegetables, instead of a super charged with ham, pepperoni, 3 varieties of cheese and others. Separating two portions or eat a pizzeta and notice the change. You can reduce 500 calories or more, depending on the pizza you would have chosen instead of the vegetable.

Changes bread for rice

The custom of eating bread is deeply entrenched in many cultures. But it is not entirely healthy, you are filled with carbohydrates if you do not eat become fat. In Eastern culture, instead they use rice. You can choose this option because it is different and a bit healthier. Remember calculate good portion, and it should be a little support, not compete with a main course.


Muffin by cake

How delicious a good cake … Although it has hundreds of calories. Having a sweet temptation can be the bane. But if in small portions things are different. If you feel like eating a huge cake, transform into small muffins. The idea is not that you eat a dozen of these delicious temptations, but prepare two to enjoy.

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