Slimming properties cottage cheese

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14878763-cottage-cheeseA reduced calorie and low fat cheese

Are you one of those who are afraid to incorporate cottage cheese in your diet because you think it is very caloric? Nothing could be further from reality. In fact, it is rather indicated that the vast majority of the cheeses. Know the reasons in this article.

Cottage cheese, often, is not one of the most sought cheeses. It is that many see it as a dull or both to even do not have the best of concepts. But, out of prejudice and other issues, is a very healthy and quite complete food. In addition usually cheaper than regular cheese and has interesting properties to be included in a diet to lose weight.

Namely, cottage cheese (also known as ricotta) can have much less fat than other types of cheese. Furthermore, it is reduced in calories, has a good source of protein and various minerals. Another very important thing: it can be used in many different ways. So nothing better to know a little more about their properties to lose weight.

Here are some benefits of cottage cheese to your diet:

Low in calories: Please note that each 100 grams of cottage cheese, are only just over 100 calories, which is fine. If you compare, for example, a hard cheese (350 kcal / 100g) or one soft paste (250 kcal / 100 grams), the balance will always positive.

It is low in fat: Cottage cheese provides about 7 grams of fat per 100 grams of product. Also, with respect to their proteins they are of nearly 10 grams per 100 product.

Other properties: Cottage cheese is rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. It also has vitamins A and group B. Moreover, it is easily tolerated and can be consumed by people with digestive difficulties, because it is very soft.
Easy to incorporate: You can be part of any fill without any problems. It serves salads, pasta, recipes for sweets. You can fill a gourd with him and also make a rich dessert with fruit.

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