Table for your ideal weight

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Weight and height table Metropolitan

Kilos to lose weight you need to know what you will have as your height and your body. You can determine this by consulting the table for your ideal weight, also called table weight and height Metropolitan, which will guide you through a slimming treatment, to make weight and you should always wanted to have.

There are several methods to find out whether or not you are at a healthy weight. Some better known and popular than others, because of its simplicity. However, if you want a more comprehensive analysis and a more accurate determination of your ideal weight, not more, keep in mind that there are other methods to calculate it.
Body Mass Index (BMI)

This system is one of the most used. BMI calculation determines whether or not you are in your weight, and how much overweight you. According to this calculation, your ideal weight is a wide range of weight, a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 other.

Although far from precise, if you are very overweight, you can guide you to know approximately how many kilos would need to lose. However, if you want a more accurate determination, you must use other methods to meet your ideal weight.

BMI calculator
English Metric
Obtain the result
Low weight
Under ordinary 18.5Rango
18.5 to 24.9Sobrepeso
25 to 29.9Obesidad
30 or more

Miller formula D R

This formula is otherwise relatively simple to get your ideal weight. Add a variable to the previous method that is age.

If you load your data in the following calculator, you will know your ideal weight according to the formula of DR Miller, besides obtaining the appropriate weight range for your age and height, according to WHO recommendations. While Miller is calculating an exact figure, the WHO recommendations, as in the previous case, provide a wider range.

Ideal weight calculator
English Metric
Female Male
Obtain the result
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Metropolitan table

Finally, a few years ago, more precisely in 1983, the Metropolitan Life Insure developed the table for your ideal weight based on individuals from the United States and Canada, considering his body, a fact that until then was not taken into account .

In this case, the calculation is much more precise and the weight range is narrower. However, you must consider in advance your physique.

How can you determine what type of body you have? Very simple! Measuring the circumference of your wrist. Once you have measured, verify what kind of body type you have in the following table:

Table for your physique
Build MEN
Wrist circumference
Wrist circumference
SMALL +10.4 +11.0
MEDIUM 9.6-10.4 10.1-11.0
BIG -9.6 -10.1
The weight is for ages 29 to 59 years based on the lowest mortality, expressed in kilograms. according to the body conformation, with light clothes (about 2.50 kg.) and shoes with heel 2.5 cm.

157.5 58.8-60.8 59.4-63.9 62.2-68.0 147.7 46.3-50.3 49.4-54.9 53.5-59.4
160.0 58.9-61.7 60.3-64.9 63.5-69.4 149.9 46.7-51.3 50.3-55.8 54.4-60.8
162.6 59.9-62.6 61.2-65.8 64.4-70.8 152.4 47.2-52.2 51.3-57.1 55.3-62.1
165.1 60.8-63.5 62.1-67.1 65.3-72.6 154.9 48.1-53.5 52.2-58.5 56.7-63.5
167.6 61.7-64.4 63.1-63.1 66.2-74.4 157.5 48.9-54.9 53.5-59.9 58.0-64.9
170.2 62.3-65.8 64.4-64.4 67.6-76.2 160.0 50.3-56.2 54.9-61.2 59.4-66.7
172.7 63.5-67.1 65.8-71.2 68.9-78.0 162.6 51.7-57.6 56.2-62.6 60.8-68.5
175.3 64.4-68.5 67.1-72.6 70.3-79.8 165.1 53.1-58.9 57.6-63.9 62.1-70.3
177.8 65.3-69.9 68.5-73.9 71.7-81.6 167.6 54.4-60.3 58.9-65.3 63.5-72.2
180.3 66.2-71.2 69.9-75.3 73.0-83.5 170.2 55.8-61.7 60.3-66.7 64.9-73.9
182.9 67.6-72.6 71.2-77.1 74.4-85.3 172.7 57.1-63.1 61.7-68.0 66.2-75.7
185.4 68.9-74.4 72.6-78.9 76.2-87.1 175.3 58.5-64.4 63.1-69.4 67.7-77.1
187.9 70.3-76.2 74.4-80.7 78.0-89.4 177.8 59.9-65.8 64.4-70.8 68.9-78.5
190.5 71.7-78.0 75.8-82.5 79.8-91.6 180.3 61.2-67.1 65.8-72.1 70.3-79.8
193.0 73.5-79.8 77.6-84.8 84.8-93.9 182.9 62.6-68.5 67.1-73.5 71.7-81.2

Before starting treatment calorie diet and physical activity, you have to know where to get, how much weight you have to reach to find out you can use any of these procedures, although the Metropolitan table is where you can orient yourself more accurately.

Remember that any weight loss treatment should be supervised by a physician. If you have doubts consult it.

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