Take control of what you eat to lose weight

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52224517-varios-ingredientes-de-la-ensalada-verde-org-nico-en-el-fondo-r-stico-luz-vista-desde-arriba-la-bandHow to program yourself to eat what you really need

The forbidden foods can have a not so negative effect on diet. But for that, you must first learn to program yourself mentally to take control over what you eat. You’ll be able to lose weight. Mentxu da Vinci provides you a simple exercise so you can get it.

When you allow yourself to consciously eat what you ache, somehow your unconscious to “break the diet” disappears, there is no prohibition, desire desire disappears.

Normally all like “dangerous” foods such as sweets, sauces and other strong things. Fear afford to eat this kind of forbidden foods is reasonable, but thanks to modern psychology is easy to dismantle this fear and in a few days can you release this pattern that some of the time takes you to eat poorly or excess, when in front an uncomfortable situation you descontrolas with food.

Plan of action to regain control

For the next 15 days imagines the morning, before getting up, what you really want to eat at breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Imagine with pleasure what you want to eat and, on the other hand, who want to do so. It is important to note that you can not eat between meals, but what you want in the other four meals.

As a result, if you crave eating chocolate and you allow four proposals meals, when you get dinner, you need to eat chocolate have decreased markedly. When you allow the forbidden foods, they lose some of their appeal and no longer want both.

Thanks to this exercise, the fact giving up no proper meals will no longer be a sacrifice, but it will be part of the process of rediscovering what are the foods that you really like most are. If you are in an early stage of having this problem with the food, this exercise can be very useful. If you take some time with this disease, it is recommended that you contact a specialized therapist to help you break free of this problem.

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. To resist the longing soul sicken those things that have been forbidden, wanting what its monstrous laws have become terrible and illegal. “(Oscar Wilde)

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