Taking magnesium chloride slimming

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Using magnesium chloride

We have already seen elsewhere how magnesium chloride is prepared to lose weight. We will discuss now what the most appropriate quantities and the best times to take are.

daily dose of magnesium chloride

Typically the magnesium chloride dose recommended for weight loss is 3 g dissolved in 100 cc of water, about half a glass.

When to take

We must take that half a cup once a day, preferably in the morning, after breakfast. It is important to have breakfast before, to avoid adverse effects, it has strong effects on the digestive tract because of its slimming properties.

How it works to help you lose weight

Supplements magnesium chloride will be a great help in your diet to lose weight by acting on the nervous system and the digestive system as mentioned elsewhere (the end you have the links). You will achieve better results in less time.

In what situations is more effective magnesium chloride

Magnesium chloride can be useful for weight loss if:

You are a compulsive eater, eat for stress or anxiety and tend to accumulate belly.
You slow and heavy digestions or dyspepsia after eating.
It costs make exercise helps your diet.
DO NOT consume if you have diarrhea or kidney problems.
The other people will also help them, but the effects will be much greater if those extra kilos are related to a certain level of stress or anxiety, and if we slow, heavy and fluid retention digestions. It will also help in cases where we find it hard to exercise to supplement the diet that we have a strong muscle weakness or feeling tired.

In the following articles you will find more information about the use of magnesium chloride to lose weight.


It is useful to magnesium chloride, the following:

If you eat compulsively, if you are a person who by stress or anxiety problems eat and accumulate fat in the belly.
If you have heavy or very slow digestions after you eat.
Do not take this if you have kidney problems or have diarrhea.
Magnesium chloride diet is ideal for you.
As I said before magnesium is found in our body and half that we have in the bones. But, many people suffer from a lack of magnesium and do not know that this supplement helps you lose weight because it can maintain muscle mass, helps build proteins, regulates and controls the level of blood sugar and is especially important in metabolism. If you are one of those people with obesity this will help to control and kill the anxiety that makes you overeat and so you can start with a proper diet.

If you decide to increase magnesium in your diet plan, you should do it with foods that contain it more proportion such as: apples, broccoli, lemons, vegetables, almonds, sunflower seeds, of … sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables, among others. If you are one of those people who has a minimum magnesium content, consume pills will serve you much better because it will help balance the levels appropriate to have one.

Make an appointment with your personal and trustworthy doctor to give you directions if it is favorable or not for you to take magnesium sodium diet.

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