Tea cinnamon and bay leaf to lose weight

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15453551-taza-de-t-con-lim-nHomemade recipe of cinnamon and bay leaf infusion slimming

Tea cinnamon and laurel is one of those teas that are used in various parts for weight loss. Apparently, the properties of both aromatic species would work very well on the digestive system, helping to slim those extra kilos quickly. You can prepare this recipe.

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A liter of water
A cinnamon stick
Five bay leaves

To prepare this simple tea or infusion of cinnamon and bay leaf to lose weight do not have to do anything strange. You simply boil a liter of water with the cinnamon stick and bay leaves. Let it boil for 15 minutes and then turn off the heat and let cool.
When consuming one cup per day of infusion fasting drink. As indicated, you can drop to three inches in a short time. This could be due to the good properties having this tea, especially how well they work on the digestive system, both laurel and cinnamon.

How does it help you lose weight cinnamon?

Cinnamon has beneficial effects on the digestive activity, since the incentive and improvement.

Accelerates the absorption and assimilation of nutrients
It helps fight constipation
Helping reduce the annoying bloating and gas
Speeds up metabolism
Reduces appetite.
All this makes it a good ingredient to lose weight and burn unwanted fat.

How to lose weight helps the laurel?

The bay also does its part because it provides a substance called limonene, which collaborates with the power and properties of cinnamon.

It stimulates diuresis and removes excess fluid
It helps improve digestion
Reduces bloating
Prevents the formation of gas or flatulence

And you … have you already tried this tea? Did you as a result? Do you have any questions regarding your preparation? Well, then you just have to let your experiences and impressions.

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