The exercise with which this man has managed to lose 60 kilos

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1Liam Scarrot has put an end to a situation in which his health went from bad to worse. We tell you what you have done to improve and transform your body
Until Liam Scarrot was not 17, he did not know what it was not to be fit. He spent the days outdoors, played cricket and was part of a football team since he was very young. His parents always cooked healthy meals at home and if he needed something sweet, the fruit was always his best option, in addition to going five days a week to the gym.

But bad luck knocked on his door and broke his leg at work, where he cast steel meshes in a metal factory. “When I was recovering, they said goodbye and said that it was useless because I had crutches.” That made me very tense mentally and I fell into a depression, you could say that was the beginning of the end, “recalls Scarrot.

Change is a mental thing. If you can win the battle in your head, you can get everything you set out for
The mood, self-esteem, and healthy habits he’d had during his teenage years sank deep after the accident. During his recovery, he gained nearly 14 kilograms from lack of exercise, which worsened his overall health. Feeling alone made your food worse and eat fats and junk food, more comfortable but less healthy: hamburgers, fries, soda, alcohol, cakes and ice cream, taking more than 4,000 calories a day and sometimes several portions of a single sitting. In just one year, just turned 18, Liam reached to reach 137 kg.

5 years later
It was not until five years later that Scarrot found himself submerged in a relationship that made him feel another type of butterflies in his stomach. He was happy to be able to take care of someone, to share beautiful moments during his day to day, but being with another person made him realize how enormous he was. He wanted to be a boyfriend that someone could be proud of, so he started with little changes.

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