The low-carb diet with which Vicente lost 24 kilos

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15617611-retrato-muy-agradable-de-un-hombre-latino-en-blancoTestimony: lose weight with a low carb diet

If you want to know in detail the diet that Vincent got to lose 24 kilos, you do not stop reading this note. An example to consider!

Did you like the previous interview we did with Vicente? In it, he told you how he did to lose 24 kilos. Many people were left to wonder what it was eating time and, for this reason, we go with this new note.

Engineer Vincent where he shares the things that was researching and discovering with regard to nutrition. Now, you’ll have to detail what worked so well.

Interview with Vicente

A lot of people has been asking in the previous interview about how diet to lose weight you accomplished. Do we you count an example of what you usually eat? What would a regular menu?

Lately I’m not hungry when I wake up, so only breakfast coffee with cream, without any sweetener. Some days also take a serving of mixed nuts, about 50g, at breakfast. If I were hungry eat something else, such as fried eggs, but usually do not. By midmorning I usually have another coffee, alone or with milk.

The typical meal would be a starter salad and a piece of meat or fish second, perhaps accompanied by pepper or eggplant baked. And if meat or fish do not have much fat would add a pat of butter. Without thinking about quantities, eating until being satiated. For dessert often I take a natural bifidus or plain Greek yogurt, skim version never and never with sweeteners. Some days I replace the yogurt with a piece of fruit.

By midafternoon usually apetecerme another serving of nuts (50g) and a decaffeinated coffee with a little cream.

For dinner usually take a glass of milk kefirada, homemade, and such a piece of grilled meat accompanied by broccoli and a little butter. If that leaves me hungry I can also take a yogurt (plain Greek or bifidus).

Besides coffee, just drink water.

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Did you have different phases in your diet? That is, do you eat the same now than when you started and you diet has become a way of life? Or the beginning of the diet were wearing another kind of more “rigorous” food?

No, not the same. When I was losing weight and I followed a low-carbohydrate diet, weigh the food to account for every gram of carbohydrates. And he did things that now would not do, such as taking mayonnaise made with sunflower oil or soy. Now I’m taking care not to take too many carbs, but not unhealthy food consumption, such as seed oils, but have few carbohydrates. As I mentioned in the first part of the interview, while slimming counted calories, but took months without it.

Indeed right now for me is a lifestyle, because I have the feeling of “dieting” or think that I eat differently in the future. When results are so spectacular and health improvement, and physically you look so good, it makes sense to decide that you want to keep eating the same. What others may see as a sacrifice, it is not, because compensation is enormous.

As to whether it was before more rigorous, I think on the contrary, I think that the longer you take to this way of eating is easier to follow and becomes less tempting to eat foods that made you overweight. You get used to eating healthy. My thought is, I’d rather have the abdomen as I now eat a chocolate cake.

-¿Consideras To go hungry with this kind of low-carb diets or getting used to not eat this kind of products which have some addictive, by the way?

I do not go hungry. In fact one day at work I forgot to go eat! and when I realized it was four in the afternoon. He had not felt hunger at any time. In the last year I do not remember hearing my stomach hunger roar even once. It is typical in scientific experiments with diets like mine participants, but not limit the amount they always end up eating less food than those who follow other diets where they do limit the amount of food and other hungry.

As I say, if you’re hungry, you have to eat, but do not eat foods with carbohydrates like bread, pizza, or grains of any kind. At least until you reach your target weight. At that time you might consider reintroducing potatoes, rice or pulses and observe how they react to your body and your weight.

As to what certain foods addictive, I think it is indisputable that it is. I believe that natural foods, real food, such as meat, eggs, fresh vegetables or do not generate addiction, or an urge to keep eating them. Eat what the body needs and the desire to eat disappears naturally. Instead processed foods or foods high in carbohydrates, such as wheat or sugar containing not get tired of eating and make us live with permanent hunger.

There different types of diets low in carbohydrates. If someone wants to follow a diet like mine I would recommend you start reading page Andreas Eenfeldt in describing how the diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat (LCHF).

Having made that reading, I recommend a daily fixed amount of carbohydrates and for a time even though the food to know exactly how many carbs are consumed every day. If a very small amount is set must be taken into account that are always indispensable fresh vegetables, leaf.

For example, you can start with 40 or 50 g of carbohydrates daily max. If that number seems small, we remember that our body does not need carbohydrates to be healthy and the need for energy. On the contrary, not consuming carbohydrates makes you feel more energetic all the time. No need to restrict all carbohydrates in the same measure. Gotta try how it goes in different amounts.

Some people believe it is better to reach those 40-50g carbs daily gradually from the diet that we are taking up this time. It seems reasonable.

Vicente tips to diet and lose 25 kilos

Ignore the calories of food. Do not continue reading until you have assimilated that “has been thinking about the calories from food as we finish getting fat.” If you keep thinking about the calories nothing will change.
Meat, fish, eggs, fresh vegetables (those that grow above ground, not below it) or leaf, nuts, etc. If you want you can consume fermented dairy.

Avoid sugar. Forget the desserts with sugar, dairy sugar, sweets, sugary drinks, etc. Zero grams of sugar a day.

Do not consume advertised as “low fat” products. Always consume meat, fish and dairy products with fat and add butter and cream to the diet.
Avoid processed foods: those who have huge lists of ingredients and only exist thanks to factories, industries or bakeries. That includes processed meats, prepared foods, any product derived from seeds, such as cereals (bread, pasta, pizza, etc.). Cereals, or refined or whole. Prevent seed oils (sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, etc.) and of course margarine. No calories for oil, but for health.

Eating fruit in moderation (one piece per day, at most).
Drinking water. You can also drink coffee or tea without sweeteners of any kind.

Forget the beer.
Eat as and when the body asks.
Sports, if the physical condition permits.
If the goal is to lose weight, it must be controlled until the last carbohydrate consumed (fresh vegetables have pass). If you see that you are losing weight, or if you just want to keep, you can try to eat rice, potato or vegetables in moderation.

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