Tips and tricks to lose 10 kilos quick and easy

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20599592-un-modelo-masculino-joven-y-sexy-posando-sus-m-sculosAbdominal fat

I am 10 kg overweight. I am more lazy to exercise and let me know if there is any fat burning pills or capsules that are truly effective, I am also very anxious especially at night.

Submitted by Juanita Hartley

Hi Juanita: Pills and all shortcuts that you can imagine are not effective alone for weight loss and additionally endanger your health.

The best way to weight down is to start a diet and supplement it with exercise.

The aerobic activity is recommended because it is burning more calories while you exercise. Also, aerobic, body fat used predominantly, for use as fuel in energy formation.

Aerobic exercises work using the large muscle groups such as legs, chest, back and buttocks, that makes you spend a lot of energy. However, the strength training of muscle groups named above, is effective for weight reduction plans, with the advantage that this type of training causes the muscle to continue burning fat even at rest.

This is caused by the increased metabolism in the body. The same principle using diet pills, except that the exercise does naturally, without jeopardizing your health, and above beneficing by the adaptive effects of exercise. Instead, they try to increase metabolism pills artificially, by increasing heart rate, which is absolutely dangerous for the cardiovascular system.

An intermediate alternative is natural supplements in capsules, herbal and other fat burning foods. In this video you can see which are the most recommended.

I hope I’ve helped.
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Can I I can lose 10 kilos of weight without dieting?

I need to lose 10 kilos

I want to diet but tell me not because I am eating some normal as sick fruit, but I drink a little water and want to know what exercises would help me lose ten kilos fattening me lost my babies, please hope I get a response to my e-mail as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your attention.
Sara Guzman sent by pigeon
Hi Sarah, your question can be contradictory and even dangerous because exercise burns extra calories, but then if you eat more than you spent, the result is weight gain, despite the physical activity.

Diet is not synonymous with chronic restriction, but refers to order food to achieve a balance between calorie intake and expenditure. If you manage this energy balance, with nutritious food, from that moment exercise can occupy a more important place in the program, and maybe you can say that you can lose 10 kilos of weight without dieting.

The best exercises to lose 10 kilos in weight, is aerobics. You must do every day at least 30 minutes a day, at a rate corresponding to 50-70% HR max. Examples of aerobic exercise are: running, fast walking, swimming, rowing, skiing, skating, jumping rope, cycling, do climber, step, dance, dance, or attend aerobics and fitness classes led by a teacher.

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