Tips and tricks to lower abdomen

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my no low belly

Nine months ago I had a baby but my belly has not fallen seems I’m pregnant again I want you to give me tips to lose my belly
Sent by antonella

Hello Antonella: the tips to lose belly must try to implement them and, more importantly, persist in the program without abandon, especially when logical periods of motivation and lack of perseverance appear. The first tip to lose the belly to reduce stored body fat is to stop overeating. The balanced, orderly and nutrient-rich diet is the key factor for weight loss. By decreasing the amount of calories effectively thins. If you accompany the diet with physical activity, the results will be achieved much better and faster. After giving birth, the accumulated fat, abdomen and both thighs and hips gradually decreases with breastfeeding, because it is an energy reservoir to convey all the necessary food for the baby.

10948693-mujer-comiendo-pastaAnyway, you keep in mind that if you eat more, especially foods rich in empty calories, such as those containing sugar and refined flour, body fat is not only not reduced, but increased. Established diet, you can implement tricks to lower belly.

Burns between 300-500 kcal per day doing physical exercise, such as walking, running, climbing stairs, NEAT activity or exercise at home.
Every time you decide to workout, stimulates only the major muscle groups of the body (legs, buttocks, back and chest), do not waste time doing abdominal exercises for arms or because you do not work for weight loss.
Make four meals
Do not fill to eat, stay with a slight feeling of hunger, so no refills the stomach and the entire digestive process.
Drink only water and tea, soft drinks and suspended those containing alcohol.
Increase protein intake to 1 gram per day per kilogram of body weight.
While you follow these tips to flatten the abdomen, you can be putting into practice some tricks to hide it.

All of these tips should be implemented together, otherwise it is unlikely that it can achieve the ideal weight again. I hope I’ve helped. A greeting.

How to flatten the abdomen without doing crunches?

Losing weight, particularly belly
Hi I’m Karina, I have 37 years and have gained weight rapidly, within months I went from 57 kg that was always my normal weight of 72 kg that I have now. The belly is what I can not lose and no clothes that fit me well, with respect to the legs with an hour daily walks reducing the’m little, but I can not stomach, and the doctor forbids me to do crunches because and cervical problems have caused me much pain. So I hope I can give a little help with advice. Thank you.

Submitted by Karina Lorena
Hello Karina: many people are overweight, especially in the area of ​​the belly, and seek help and tips to lose belly. First, it would be interesting to investigate with your physician, the possible causes of weight gain so fast. Perhaps, if there is a medical cause, treatment may be more effective. Second, if you find it difficult to lose the belly you can consider these tips may help. Tips to lose belly

Reduce consumption of flour and products containing them. Reserve your intake of these foods like bread for breakfast and / or snack. Replace white flour for the integral.
Choose foods with a low glycemic index. These foods provide more fiber and less simple sugars that can be deposited in adipose tissue as fat.
Eats small amounts of food several times a day. This will allow you to increase your metabolism and to reduce your appetite.
Avoid alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, regular soft drinks and juice concentrates.
Replace food with fat food defatted, such as defatted fat meats and whole-fat dairy foods.
Reduces lots of cereals and legumes, as a measure of equivalence a small bowl or cup.
Replaces common grains such as rice with brown rice.
Drink two liters of water per day (6-8 glasses).
Respect mealtimes and not skip any.

Consider these suggestions should be framed in unadieta ideal for lower belly. If possible, try to supplement it with a physical activity adapted to your cervical problem. I hope I’ve been helpful. A greeting.

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