Tricks to activate metabolism and burn fat

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8773939-serie-de-procesamiento-de-las-dietas-de-la-mujer-de-la-grasa-aptitud-en-antes-despu-s-de-3d-frontalInteresting tips to lose weight

Anastasia is an expert in everything related to beauty and natural health. It provides advice and tips based on your experience and nothing is saved, so you too can take advantage of his wisdom and knowledge.
This time you’ll know more about how lost 5 kilos in two weeks, healthy, without starving, indeed, what it did was add some foods to your daily diet.

She has been the same to you, he has proven diets that do not go with your lifestyle and ended up leaving. Logically, it is also trying to conquer the world and lose weight, but changing your diet a little and giving a few allowed’ll see the difference. With these tricks you can apply easily see that the result is completely different, it has proven itself.

Chia seeds and flaxseed
Both seeds produce satiety, a very good property to any diet. They are also high in protein and good fats, which help metabolize bad fats.

Chia has laxative properties, which helps detoxify the body. It contains fiber, omega-3, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that help to activate your metabolism.

However, you should consume as a supplement to your diet, because as any food contains calories, and 100 grams enough … can get up to 500 calories. Therefore it is important to control consumption to no more than 30 grams of dried seeds per day. You can use it in various ways … in oil, and ground seeds mixed with water or in various recipes.

Flaxseed or flaxseed helps deflate your belly. It contains soluble and insoluble fiber, which is good for absorbing fats and eliminate them. It also contains omega-3, is a diuretic, antioxidant-inflammatory and (thanks to its vitamin E).

While there are several ways to use each kind of seed Anastassia recommended ways she implemented. In his breakfast of fruit and yogurt adds a teaspoon of chia. For flaxseed makes a somewhat rubbery preparation and not seen at all tasty, however, contains all the beneficial properties of this seed, this recipe:

Boil 4 cups of water with 4 tablespoons of flaxseed, stir, let cool and get a gel.

Eat a spoonful of fasting result. You can prepare on Sunday, for example, in a while you have to amount to have enough for the whole week. Please refrigerate.

This gel protects against heartburn and reflux, also will help you feel satisfied and avoid overeating during the day. But not only that, it will help you lose weight by speeding the passage of food through the intestine, which also makes you feel lighter and energetic.

Green tea
Green tea is a great antioxidant and diuretic, is also an agent of thermogenesis, which means you burn fat, because it contains catechins substances. Anastassia recommended to drink a cup of green tea after meals, besides being delicious will help with digestion.

This alga, among other as the fucus and agar-agar (which is a composite of algae) helps speed up metabolism for its chlorophyll content and is also an antioxidant, helps control appetite thanks to its satiating properties of their mucilage and it is increasingly used to lose a few kilos.

Anastassia recommended to consume half hour before each meal. The dose depends on your activity in the day, if you’re an athlete or have nutritional deficiencies could be higher. You can get Spirulina in health food stores or herbalists in two forms: powder or tablets.

If you consume powder flavor can be somewhat strong or unpleasant at first, but you can prepare smoothies very complete combining it with other algae and juices. The recommended doses vary depending on your activity and nutritional need; if you are an athlete or have anemia could require a higher dosage, consult your nutritionist.

Generally we recommend starting with one tablet of 500 mg or 1 gram before each meal, may increase to 2 grams if you see necessary. Take 4 grams a day (gradually), divided between your meals will provide all the benefits of this wonderful superfood.

In addition to helping you lose weight, improve skin, hair and nails, it contains minerals, iron, folic acid. And best of all, besides being satisfying, remove anxiety, one of the main factors that make you leave the diet, committing misconduct.

The Spirulina helps you improve your physical performance, which means that you can increase your activity, burning fat and taking his place with muscle, reducing several kilos and is healthier.

Although the results can be wonderful, they do not occur by magic and should not abuse it, because its excess can cause an overdose of vitamin A can poison your liver and nucleic acid content can cause you kidney problems.

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