Up and down stairs to burn calories

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How many calories are burned while climbing stairs?

I wonder up and down stairs helps burn calories, also the amount of calories burned in a given amount of time.
Thank you
Sent by Rocio Gutierrez

To upload and slimming down stairs?

Hello Rocio: All we do daily activities allow us to burn calories even climb stairs. If you are interested in performing this exercise, then you know how many calories you burn.

Up and down stairs is a simple and practical way to burn calories without going to a gym. If you want you can make only one of these activities, or both.

13147584-el-atleta-corre-por-las-escalerasIf only low, you will spend between 355-365 calories / hour
If you decide to climb the stairs, you will burn about 900 calories.
If you perform both activities will spend on average 800 calories.
Up and down stairs is a very good aerobic exercise because it allows you to mobilize fat, increase metabolism and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Implementing routine activities such as walking, climbing stairs, sweeping, cleaning, dancing, etc., you can burn calories and lose weight a little faster. In this video you can see several fun ways to exercise at home.

I hope I’ve been helpful.
A greeting,

How to lose weight up and down stairs

Up and down stairs
You know, I read some time ago that up and down the stairs could have very pretty legs and firm buttocks. The goal was to go up and down 500 steps a day three times a week. “500?” I said. Climbing stairs was difficult at first but then I was getting easier and could do more as well. I have had wonderful results, I have lost more than 10 kilos in 3 months with just that. It does work and recommend it to everyone.
Sent by Enya
Enya Thanks for sharing your event with us. It’s really interesting what you count as often fail to consider how are you solutions that are more than the fingertips of anyone.

Especially for those living in buildings or have a floor at home.

This is how, for sure, more than one of you wants to try a good routine to lose weight up and down stairs. To do so will only have to follow the link above and can verify how in their own homes.

And you … Have you tried this mode? What has been you? Do you want to tell your EXPERIENCE? Then you just have to leave us your message.

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