What are empty calories

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7499029-pir-mide-de-alimentos-representa-la-forma-de-comer-sanoRemoving empty calories in the diet

Much is said about the foods that have empty calories and their influence on the diet. But they are really empty calories. Knowing this concept can help you know what they really are and how to remove them from your diet so you can weight without much sacrifice.

When you start a diet one of the concepts used is that of empty calories. These can negatively influence within a weight loss regimen, so it is very important to know what they are and how to remove them from the diet.

What are empty calories?

Empty calories refer to the energy supply that provides a food, but also does not provide any nutrients. Ie foods with empty calories, does not provide or fiber, or minerals, or vitamins or other essential and important nutrient for the body.
For this reason it is important to know what foods provide to remove these empty calorie diet. Within these foods that provide empty calories you can find sugary drinks such as soft drinks, candy, pastries and snacks.

While many of these foods claim to be fortified with various nutrients, such as vitamin C, fiber, omega 3 or certain antioxidants. These nutrients can consume naturally in other foods, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, among others.

To prevent these empty calories are reflected in an increase in weight, it is important to know how to remove them from the diet. To do this, you must replace foods with empty calories, foods that contain essential nutrients. Consuming these foods sumarás some calories, but other natural substances that can help you lose weight.

Knowing concepts such as negative calorie and empty calories can help you get the most out of food, and avoid those that may impair your weight.

Diet plan is critical to success in losing weight, for this reason if you remove foods with empty calories in the diet, lose weight almost without realizing it. Changing certain dietary habits can not only lose weight but to prevent complications of the overweight.

Remember that it is important that a physician monitor your diet and control your weight.

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