What for red tea and how to take it for weight loss

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Increasingly often hear talk about red tea. However, a number of interesting questions to be answered, such as what it is red tea and what qualities or benefits of health are presented.

The red tea also called Pu Erh. This infusion is originally from the province of Yunnan in China today, where for centuries the medicinal qualities of red tea are known. From the East it has reached worldwide, to be used in order to improve the quality of life and power coadyudar to various medical treatments. Therefore, it is also known as the “tea of ​​the emperors”.

This ancient brew is recognized within the Chinese oriental medicine for its medicinal properties, among which we can mention the benefits of red tea to lose weight naturally and healthily.

What is the red tea?

Thanks to its medicinal qualities, we can say that red tea is used to:

Reduce body weight, increasing thermogenesis and thus reduces fat deposits.
Reduce the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
Increase fat metabolism, thus enabling reduce adipose tissue.
Activate hepatic metabolism.
Cleanse the body, through the stimulation of intestinal transit and increased diuresis.
Increase digestive metabolism because it stimulates digestive enzymes.
Boost the immune system.
Act as a natural bactericide.

Components and slimming properties of red tea

The process of obtaining red tea is an ancient technique in which the tea leaves are compressed into plates, which are left to ferment acting bacteria, giving it a reddish hue.

Once it’s on your desk, you can take advantage of components

Red tea has catechins, which act by activating the destruction of fatty tissue.
Act by increasing thermogenesis, that is getting heat or energy from fatty acids accumulated in adipose tissue.
Increases hepatic and digestive metabolism, stimulating enzyme activity.
It works by increasing the intestinal peristalsis.
It stimulates renal activity, increasing the diuresis.
It improves cell metabolism as it has antioxidants.
Thanks to these properties is that you can get the benefits of red tea to lose weight naturally. If you need to lose kilos and decide to implement it, you can add 3 cups of infusion of red tea daily, 1 cup after each meal and thus, you’ll get all its slimming qualities.

Remember that due to its high protein content, if you suffer from hypertension, are pregnant or are breast-feeding, you should consult your doctor before consuming it.

4 Ways to lose weight with red tea

Red tea, no doubt, is one of the best allies to lose weight there. It has a great power to act on metabolism, fat burning effects have, an antioxidant, is good for the liver and also has diuretic action. Therefore, one could say that is a playfulness not taken into account when slimming. In addition, there is no single way to consume.

Red tea cold. The pu-erh not lose their properties when consumed at room temperature or even cold. By following the link you’ll find not only one but several ways of taking it well. It may be ideal for a summer evening or any time, especially for those who are not very adept at the hot tea.
Red tea capsules. This option may be indicated for those who do not like the taste of red tea, but also want to enjoy their properties. Of course, its use should be done under medical prescription, since due to its format and components should be considered a drug.

Red tea diet fat burner: The perfect alternative for those wanting to lose weight in a few days, as is a diet of attack, including primary involvement of this infusion, but accompanied by a dietary plan.
Smoothie red tea and watermelon. Without doubt, a great way to blend a fruit with good diuretic properties and pu-erh, which is always suitable diet. A recipe that will like all those fruit lovers and you can find by clicking on its title.

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