What is ebriorexia and why it is considered an eating disorder?

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8296231-beerFasting followed by alcohol as a method for weight loss

Not only anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders, there are other very dangerous disorders that can affect health, such as ebriorexia. A disorder characterized by performing a fast followed and alcohol as a method of losing weight. If you want to know more, do not miss this note which you will find what it is and why it is considered an eating disorder.

In addition to anorexia and bulimia, in recent decades other eating disorders, used as a method for weight loss, as vigorexia and ebriorexia emerged.

What is ebriorexia?

The ebriorexia is a term that combines two words, drunkenness and anorexia, although there are also characteristics of bulimia within this eating disorder. The obsession with being slim attracts many young people to replace the lack of food in the stomach by binge drinking. Thus you lose weight faster. This meal replacement alcohol is extremely risky because it brings health consequences.

250x250Why ebriorexia is considered an eating disorder?

Well, the main objective of those engaged in this practice is slim at all costs, and they are still at a normal weight for age and height. On the other hand, they do not take into account the adverse effects caused on the body and therefore health.

The disorder has three stages ebriorexia

First stage. During this phase alcohol is taken to compensate for the calories provided by the food.
Second stage. Drinking continues to suppress hunger. Even, it is combined with amphetamines to increase satiety and lose weight faster.
Third stage. In this last phase the people suffering from this condition, perform binging, followed by vomiting to compensate for binge eating.
Those who suffer from some type of eating disorder suffer from image distortion that needs to be treated to prevent health complications, which can even lead to death.

In the case of ebriorexia they will not only add fasting, bingeing and vomiting as compensation; but also the harmful effect of alcohol on the body, mainly on the stomach and liver. Remember, if you want or need to lose weight consult the doctor to accompany you on healthy weight loss process.

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