What kind of hunger you

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37268949-collage-comida-italiana-incluyendo-risotto-alla-pescatora-lasa-a-tallarines-calzone-carne-carpaccio- (1)Controlling way to reduce anxiety

In the saying “the food enters the eye” there is much truth. The senses, hunger and anxiety are closely related. It is therefore interesting to know what kind of hunger you have to know how to control the senses to reduce anxiety.

The stimuli that capture the senses provoke reactions of different brain centers that generate both hunger and food cravings. See, smell, taste and touch the food can generate a great temptation for a meal or a snack.

Therefore, one way to improve your self-control and reduce your food cravings is to know which way you generate hunger

What kind of hunger you?

mouth hunger

Anxiety and binge eating go hand in hand. When you lose control of what you eat, you do not know how much you eat. If you start to be aware of the bite of food you take your mouth, you feel your taste and chew properly, you will see that this anxiety decreases. Enjoy food slowly is one of the ways to control hunger and anxiety.
olfactory hunger

You can be meters away from the kitchen and smell the freshly prepared food. This generates a series of organic reactions that can generarte hunger and desire to “eat everything”. To avoid binge eating, you can take the sense of smell as your ally to lose weight. It is therefore important to smell the food, does this several times. Pay attention to the foods that are part of this meal, and eat them slowly savoring.
visual hunger

The food enters the eye. If the presentation of a meal is pleasing to the eye, you may lose control and you want to eat everything on the plate. To prevent this from happening, keep in mind that foods are part of that food. The variety of colors, make the most tempting foods, an example of this are the salads.
The secret to control anxiety and take as allies to the different types of hunger is to be aware of what you eat. If before I take the first bite to the mouth pay attention to what you eat and enjoy them, the chances of you have a binge eating is reduced.

This is the key to not eat as much, and even to know how to control the senses and knowing what foods to choose. This way you can make meals appetizing sight, smell and delicious to taste them without guilt.

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