What must your fridge to make it suitable for weight loss?

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fridge for weight lossAllied will curb your urge to eat what you are not allowed

If you want to lose weight, you need to know what to keep your refrigerator to make it suitable for weight loss. In this way, you will find an ally that will stop your urge to eat what you’re not allowed.

Weight loss is a process that you know when it starts, but not when it ends. Therefore you need to perseverance and patience. The best way to control your food cravings is not deceive you and take your cooking, especially in your refrigerator, all foods that help you lose weight.

What must your fridge to make it suitable for weight loss?

It should contain foods from all food groups. It is important that, when you open your refrigerator or refrigerator, find foods from all the food groups: dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables, among others.

Must contain light milk. You can have milk and / or yogurt, low-fat cheese and / or spreadable cheese 0% fat. Dairy products are important because they not only help you lose weight, because they are rich in protein and fat, but also because they are satisfying. All these milk can be replaced each other, it is not necessary to have them all. The important thing is not missing in your refrigerator, because when you have the urge to eat, you can choose a portion of these products.

Should contain meat and eggs. The meat must-haves include fish, chicken breast and red meat without visible fat. Obviously, it retains such foods in the freezer and remove them as you need. Once daily you should consume a portion of about 200 to 250 gr. raw. Why you should not miss meat in your diet? We provide protein and iron your body needs to repair and build tissue, as well as good quality fatty acids (in the case of fish) that helps improve cardiovascular health. The egg is critical because it can replace meat proteins because it has better quality. You can also have slices of ham or organic oil, to help you control cravings for food between meals. It is important that only consume a slice a day. Moreover, you can keep handy soy burgers, lentils or chickpeas can be a good alternative to eat fast and light preparation.

It must contain fruits, vegetables, legumes. The more colors you have in your refrigerator more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you have at your disposal. In addition to providing few calories and a lot of volume, will provide the necessary fiber to detoxify your body and take away hunger. When very hungry, have prepared lots of carrot sticks, celery, chopped tomatoes, asparagus, bean sprouts, etc .; which will help to calm your anxiety without adding many calories. In addition, fruits are ideal to calm the hunger, so choose seasonal fruits and take one if you feel urge to eat something sweet. Know that you can eat 5 fruits a day.

Must contain diet drinks. You can not ignore drinks. It is imperative that you have fresh water or detoxifying beverages, such as water guava, ginger and lemon. Cold drinks stimulate peristalsis, which can further enhance organic detoxification.

These are the basic foods to contain a refrigerator so you can make a balanced diet and healthy way.

Remember that if you plan and organize all your meals and meats in advance will be easier and will be more difficult get out of the diet.

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