Whole or skim milk for weight loss

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23048200-cheeseImportance of milk and dairy products in the diet

Dairy is a group of foods that are suggested to consume both in a balanced diet, as in a hyperprotein diet for fast weight loss. Although, because of their nutritional properties are essential for good nutrition, you need to understand the importance of milk and derivatives in a diet to lose weight. So it is necessary that you be clear that dairy choose, whether whole or skimmed? and because.

Both milk and its derivatives, such as yogurt and cheese, have special properties that help you lose weight. But always the suggestion is that they be skimmed and not whole. Why?

In any balanced diet you will find as a suggestion to consume dairy products in skimmed form, low in fat or 0% fat. The importance of this indication is due to several reasons.

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Firstly, when you choose skim milk, you are reducing the amount of fat in your diet. Whole milk provides 3% fat and whole cheeses on average can contain between 20 and 30 g of fat / serving. As for the whole yogurt it provides 5.7 gr of fat / per serving. If you select dairy products that are skimmed or 0% fat, you are substantially reducing the fat content of your meals and decreasing the caloric intake of your diet.
On the other hand, dairy low in lipids or 0% fats, are excellent collagens, that will give satiety with little contribution of calories.
Dairy are foods that should not be lacking in a diet to lose weight, since in addition to all these properties, are rich in calcium, essential mineral for bones, especially if you are female.

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