Why dine fat fruit

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257890-frutas-manzanas-uvasThat fruit fatter night

Why dine fruit fattening fruit ?, What fatter at night ?. This type of question is very common among many people looking to lose weight, but how true is this?

If you want to lose weight, it is important to reveal these questions and take a little light on these myths. Is it true that fruit dinner fattening? Is it true that there are fruits that fatter night? While these questions are very popular, as is the truth of these myths.

Does the fruit fattening if eaten at dinner?

Dinner fruit actually no more fattening than eating at any time of the day. That is, to eat fruit at dinner, not eat more calories than consuming it during the morning or afternoon.

Fruits are foods containing few calories, provide fiber (component that purifies the body, prevents the absorption of certain nutrients and provides satiety) and antioxidants (substances that enhance cellular activity and utilization of fat as fuel).

Even eating a fruit before dinner will provide satiety, reduce your appetite, you consume less food and therefore fewer calories. If you eat then you probably sumes more calories than if consume before. But this does not depend on the fruit concerned, but foods that were previously ingested.

What fruits fatter night?

While fruits are classified into groups by their calorie content, no fruit fatter than others at night. Its caloric content is the same, it is consumed at breakfast or dinner.

In any case, it is necessary to know the portions indicated for each fruit and frequency of consumption. For example if you are dieting and want to eat bananas, it is suggested to consume no more than 2-3 units a week. If you crave cherries, strawberries or raspberries a cup, which you can consume daily is advised.

Perhaps confusion is generated by taking into account the metabolic utilization of the major component of fruits: carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are mainly nutrients used by the body for energy. This energy is used by the body to perform daily tasks. If you eat fruit during the first hours of the day, these hydrates are quickly used as energy. However if they are consumed at night use will be slower, because the activities are reduced and low metabolism.

This does not mean that eating fattening fruit night, but their carbs are not used so quickly. Remember that fruits are allies of weight loss diets. Eat at least 5 units per day is beneficial for weight loss and health.

Choose low-calorie fruits

In conclusion, the fruit provides the same amount of carbohydrates whatever that consume time, the difference is that on the nights you spend less energy and therefore less likely to have lower calories consumed.

Therefore, a good option may be to eat low-calorie fruit, such as apples, citrus in general, watermelon, strawberries and melons.

If you want more information on how much fat each fruit, see the table of fruit calories.

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