Why you can not stop eating

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35375797-panecillos-en-una-bolsa-de-papel-sobre-una-mesa-de-madera-r-stica-frescos-de-la-panader-a-para-el-deWhy you eat too much

The question that many people like you realize is, why can not I stop eating. Apparently, according to some research, a possible answer to this question might have been found. Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, anxiety wins you and you can not stop eating, do not stop reading this information.

One of the great problems of obese or overweight people is why they can not stop eating, especially for foods rich in simple carbohydrates and fats. Well, apparently science has found the answer.

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According to a scientific study conducted at the University of Michigan, the urge to eat foods rich in sugars and excess fats, would be related to an area of ​​the brain called Neostriado. This part of the brain would produce a substance similar to opium (enkephalin), which would increase the desire to eat this type of food.

This brain zone was already known because of its relation to the function of learning and motor function. But, apparently, it would also relate to the motivation to overeat.

In this study, it was observed that, consuming foods rich in sugars and fats, not only did they eat more, but that satiety did not occur. This would be related to the fact that in nature the sweet taste is associated with health-friendly foods, such as fruits and vegetables. In contrast the bitter taste is associated with toxins.

This discovery is very important, because knowing this information can develop a drug or supplement that acts directly on this area of ​​the brain, reducing anxiety and addiction to food.

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