You’re born you become obese or obese?

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9429366-fat-menWhat weighs more?

You’re born you become obese or obese? Today a difficult question to answer, since both genetics and eating habits directly affect the weight of a person. Therefore, in this note we will see what weighs more.

Genetics can mark you for life, even obesity. Genetic obesity exists and can condition yourself for life. However, it can also become an excellent excuse for doing nothing, and have eating habits that will further enhance obesity.

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Not all human beings are equal, each has a different genetic load. Some people carry in their genes a capacity to save energy and accumulate in the body as adipose tissue. If we add the wide range of foods high in fats, sugars that there is an explosive combination that ends up causing obesity and genetics have incorrect eating habits occurs.

If you are a person who have a predisposition to obesity, but change your eating habits and your lifestyle habits, you can control it and have a normal weight.

There are even studies that have evaluated that environmental factors may outweigh genetic factors, even in children and adolescents. Let us not forget that obesity ceased to be an adult problem to become a big problem among children.

While it is not a question of downplaying genetic predisposition, much less the reality that prevails today that the food that we carry out is not healthy in general terms. In recent decades and the demands of life, which are increasing, it has set a quick, tasty and addictive power.

Even the current way of life, in the prevailing stress, anxiety and depression, food has become a means to calm these situations; which threatens not only against the balance, but on health.

In conclusion, you can be born with a genetic predisposition, but if you have healthy eating habits, physical exercise practices and control your stress you can keep on weight and be healthy. Beyond your genes, you are the architect of your own life. Do not forget!

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